Video Rating using Vimeo

Rating the perception of a video is an important market research task. It might be an advertisement, a news broadcast, a public service announcement or anything that you want to get feedback on.
With the Vimeo content question you can now allow you videos to be rated using a "slider". This allows your participants to actively rate the video, with their rating encoded based on the time. The slider has customisable labels that allow you to set the text of the top and bottom scale of the slider. These can also be set as images using html content tags. The slider will provide a rating between -50 and +50 for time intervals of the video.
Video Rating Slider
Once completed responses are collected you will be able to view individual responses and see and active chart (sometimes referred to as a "Worm") of the rating of the video. You can also see average ratings, min and max ratings and can progress the video in order to see elements of the video that the respondents ratings might cause you to review the content.
Video Rating Analysis
You can also see this approach in overview charts too. See the average rating across your entire responses and progress the video in order to see elements of the video that the average ratings might cause you to review the content. These charts can also be included in Portals too.
When exporting the responses you will be able to see the Start Time, End Time, Play Count, Percentage Completed, Seconds Viewed, Restarted Count when Ratings Failed, Minimum Rating, Maximum Rating, Average Rating, and the raw Raw Rating Data. The Raw Data contains both the Rating and the Time. The raw data is exported as both a single stream of values and also a seperate worksheet containing the data for all responses. This sheet will allow filtering of data across responses.
Here is an example of the rating slider in use with a complete video:-

Configuring Vimeo

We have partnered with Vimeo because we believe the combination of player features is capable of providing the best experience for both your participants and the control over the display on all device types.

When configuring the video on the Vimeo site you should consider what you want your participants to be be able to do with your video.

For example, you might not want them to be able to "scrub" the video or watch the video multiple times. In audio/video parlance, "scrubbing" is the fast-forwarding or reversing through the video to a particular location using the player controls.

Vimeo provide settings to control where the video can be watched (the specific domain), whether comments are allowed, and whether it can be shared and embedded.

Embedding controls are critical and we recommend that for rating videos you should disable (at least) the Playbar, Speed Controls, Fullscreen, Like, Share and Your Details options. This will ensure the participants cannot skip over sections of the video or push it to full screen, which will break the rating system.

Changes to video settings can be adjusted and tested quite quickly so you should ensure you have the right combination of settings before publishing your survey. Vimeo allows combinations of Embedding settings to be saved as Presets, and this is a great way to ensure your settings are always consistent across your video projects.