Easy-to-use Web Survey Visual Designer

Web Survey Creator provides class-leading question types, formatting, validation and functionality, yet it is still very easy-to-use.

That's thanks to our Visual Designer that takes you step-by-step through the survey creation process.

Consistent, straightforward content creation

All survey content - including all question types, images, text and videos - is added from the "Add Content Here" button on the designer.

Once the appropriate content is chosen, you are taken through all the appropriate options - choices, validations, layout etc. - in the add content window. The resultant content is shown in-place in the Visual Designer.

Add, preview, modify... and repeat

Web Survey Creator allows a "Quick Preview" of your survey straight from the toolbar. All survey functionality - including flow control, validations and access to multiple languages - can be easily tested through this preview.

Need to make more changes? No problem - add or edit content, and the preview will reflect the changes by pressing refresh on your browser.