Piping Question Data within a Web Survey

Web Survey Creator makes it easy to pipe question answers and respondent details to other content throughout a Web Survey through the use of simple codes that may be entered as easily as standard text.

You set the codes, and choose the formatting

You can set what the code will be to access an answer to a particular question. They can therefore be short but meaningful - like [@HAPPINESS@] to return the answer to a happiness question.

The piped data can be formatted prior to displaying it with special format tags, ensuring it will look exactly how you need it.

Survey Data Piping that goes beyond mundane

The data piping capabilities in Web Survey Creator go beyond just simplistic passing of answers. Other capabilities include passing the "other" item for a question into a choice in another question, or passing a response for a particular grid row in a matrix question.

Market Research Survey users can even pass any of the metadata attached to a choice throughout the survey.