Web Survey Choice Images & Randomisation

Web Survey Creator makes your surveys appealing using advanced question choice capabilities.

Use images, not words, for choices

Choice items, matrix columns and matrix rows all feature integrated image support that works on all devices, including tablets and mobile phones.

Minimise bias through randomisation

Choices, matrix rows and matrix columns can all be randomised. Specific items can be "pinned" if you want them to not be affected by randomisation..
Image-based Choices
Choice questions are the cornerstone of any good Web Survey tool. They allow for concise answers to be entered, and it is easy to report statistics based of of them. In Web Survey Creator, however, we go well beyond the basics - ensuring that your surveys are attractive, easy to answer, and receive a good response rate.
An image tells 1000 words...
The value of images for survey choices goes beyond their ability to explain things quickly. They make your survey more "fun" and more professional. Add to that the ability to "supercharge" your choices with data that can be used later in the survey, and you have a truly powerful tool for collecting the data you need.

Web Survey Choices: Key Features

Choices within Web Survey Creator can be added as simply as any other product - enter choices in a simple text field, one choice per line. While that may be sufficient for many users, we go much further for those users who wish to do more with their choice questions. Some of these additional features are shown below:
Many of the advanced choice features can be found in the Edit Selection Choice window. In addition to the text description for a choice, you can:
1. Hide the choice - it's no longer visible, but historical data can be kept.
2. Make the choice the default - giving the question a starting value, that can optionally be changed by the respondent.
3. Make the choice exclusive - ensuring that if this choice is chosen, all other choices will be unselected.
4. Set the choice as an "other" choice - ensuring that further details can be entered in a text field associated with the choice.
5. Enter choice tags (metadata) - opening up a world of uses in advanced surveys (see below).
Edit Selection Choice
Storing metadata in choice tags opens up all sorts of possibilities within your surveys.
A particularly powerful feature is the ability to pump this data anywhere throughout the survey using data piping. Here we see a page in the survey that not only shows the choice that was made, but also the metadata associated with that choice.
YouTube Survey
Image management for choices is handled from the Edit Selection Choice Images window. You can manage the images for all choices in a single question quickly and easily through this window.
Image management includes the ability to resize images on the fly. By only entering just the height, or just the width, the system will automatically change the size of a graphic in the right aspect ratio.
YouTube Survey