WSC 3.01 Release Notes

Release 3.01 of Web Survey Creator includes numerous speed and stability enhancements, together with more major changes as outlined below. One of the areas that has seen the most significant enhancement is our iPad (and now iPhone!) offline survey app - Face2Face Touch. Key changes in this app are separated out below.
Web Survey Creator

New Question: Text Grid

New Question: Dropdown Matrix

New Question: Mapping Question

Bulk setup of Pages & Questions

CATI: Integrated Panel Member builder

CATI: Quick Contact Search

Face2Face Touch

Now Available on iPhone and iPad

"Refused" Response Tracking

Multi-data file support

Improved Speed and Reliability

Over 50 other ehancements and fixes

Web Survey Creator

New Question: Text Grid

WSC now has a brand new question type - the Text Grid. It is similar to the numeric grid, except that it accepts text as the input, rather than numbers. Both the text grid and the numeric grid now also support comments that can relate to each row in the grid.
Text Grid

New Question: Drop-down grid

The ability to have dropdowns in a grid is actually an extension of the capabilities of the text grid question type. It is a substantial addition, however, as it effectively creates to opportunity to have a completely new type of question. Any column in the text grid can be made into a column of dropdowns simply by adding a choice tag with the dropdown items in it:
Choice Tags
This is a flexible feature, because it allows different columns to have different choice in them, or no choices at all. An example of a mixture of different choices and no choices is shown below:
Dropdown Grid

New Question: Mapping/Geolocation Question

WSC now integrates with Google Maps to make it easy to indicate points on a map as an answer to a question. The points are translated into GPS coordinates in the data. Standard map functionality, such as address searching and map zooming, are supported.

Bulk setup of Pages & Questions

Ever wanted to quickly put together a large survey by copying, pasting and editing using a text editor? Well now you can using the new bulk scripting of pages and questions within WSC. From the pages toolbar button, there is now an "Add New Pages from Script" option.
Add From Script
The script format allows key formatting for standard questions to be set up in a readable format.
The pages and questions are created from the script and appear in the designer just like other questions and pages created within the designer.

Integrated Panel Member builder

The integration between WSC CATI and Contact Profiler has been greatly enhanced in this release, with panel members now "synced" to WSC. A synced panel member can have automatic contact and allocation status updated automatically from either product. It is now very straightforward to turn a contact that is external to the panel into a panel member as part of the call process.
Panel Member

Quick Contact Search

Searching from a contact by name or number has long been a feature of WSC CATI. It has, however, been a global feature outside of a particular job or session. With this release comes the ability to search for CATI contacts while in a particular session. Only the people in the current job will be searched on.
Contact Search

Face2Face Touch

Available on iPhone AND iPad

Face2Face touch has been available for the iPad for almost a year. We have now optimised the interface for iPhone as well. If you have an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 6 Plus (in fact, any iPhone since the 4s) you can conduct offline surveys without any additional hardware.
iPhone & iPad

"Refused" Response Tracking

While the goal is to get as many responses as possible, it is also particularly helpful to know how many people refused to take part in the survey. The iPad app now has an integrated "Refused Response" tracking system to allow you to see exactly how many people refused to take part in the survey. The reasons for not taking part are customisable.

Multi-data File Support

Use your iPad or iPhone for multiple clients, or on multiple versions of WSC, without needing to reset other data on the device by using multiple data directories.
Data Location

Other Fixes and Enhancements

1. [BUG] Mobile not respecting choice linking into a numeric grid - fixed
2. [ENH] Maintenance timing now clearly indicated in WSC at the top of all windows
3. [ENH] Survey Categories can now be archived
4. [ENH] New CATI and CP related API calls
5. [ENH] Hide options for Skip and Filter buttons added in CATI
6. [ENH] Added Street Address to Survey Respondent
7. [ENH] Included the survey language in Excel export
8. [ENH] Added total row for Interviewer Statistics in CATI
9. [ENH] Added Interviewer Name in Respondent Export
10. [ENH] Logged In User now shown in every page footer
11. [BUG] Portal - Reports did not download from the portal if the title has an apostrophe - fixed

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