Adding general content in Web Surveys

Web Surveys are made up of more than just questions - other content such as text, images and videos can all form an important part of the survey content.

Images uploaded once, used often

The images you load up for one Web Survey are also available to your other surveys - easily build up a library of favourite images.

Video content for Web Surveys

Show a YouTube and Vimeo videos using more than just a link on the screen, or embedding generic code.

Image-based Choices
Web Survey Creator creates surveys that are professional and easy to complete. This is achieved by making the surveys as attractive as possible to respondents. While features such as our professional themes and survey templates play a major part in the overall look, additional content added to the survey also plays an important role.
It's not all about images and videos - sexy text content is important as well
Quality surveys with high response rates are much easier to make if you have the right tools to give them a polished look. Web Survey Creator makes it possible to include text with different styles that match the current theme. Add content specifically as a heading, or as body text, and the system will do the rest for you.