Creating a Survey to Survey Daisy Chain Using the Event API

Send answers from a completed survey response to a new survey that will be marked as unstarted.
Reference Guide
The Web Survey Creator Event API offers a variety of unique functionalities. The Survey to Survey Event type allows you to pump response answers from one survey to another and have the response marked as unstarted in the survey it is pumped to. A new respondent can be generated in the second survey based on answers to responses that have been pumped from the first.

Response data will be uploaded based on Question Access Codes and questions of the same type being matched in each survey.

This type of event can also be configured to automatically send out an email invitation for the second survey if it is a respondent based distribution.

The following link can be used to try our Survey to Survey sample: Click here

The above sample utilises the Survey to Survey Event API with an Anonymous distribution survey to a Known Respondent distribution survey.

You can use the following steps to setup a basic Survey to Survey Event API connection similar to the sample above:

  • 1. Before setting up the Event API configuration, you must ensure that any question answers that you wish to pump from the first survey to the second, must have matching question ACCESS CODES and must be the same QUESTION TYPE.
    Survey to Survey Matching Questions
  • 2. Demographic questions can be used to create a new respondent automatically in the second survey upon submission of the first survey when using the Survey to Survey Event. The Event can be configured to automatically send an invitation to the second survey using a supplied valid email address from the respondent.
    Survey to Survey Email Address
  • 3. To begin setting up your Survey to Survey Event, in the survey designer of your FIRST survey, navigate to Distribution --> Event API in the navigation bar. Click on the Create Event icon and select the Survey to Survey option.
    Survey to Survey Event API
    Survey to Survey A B
  • 4. You can now start configuring the Survey to Survey Event. It is possible set the event to trigger based on test responses, live responses or all response types. Click on the drop down next to the title “Existing Survey & Distribution” and locate the name of the SECOND survey and the DISTRIBUTION you want to pump data to.
    Survey to Survey Distribution
  • 5. To configure emails to automatically be sent out on the submission of the first survey, click the check box with the title “Send the respondent an Invitation to complete this Survey?”. It is important to note that the email invitations will be sent out from the SECOND survey after the submission of the FIRST survey.
    Survey to Survey Email Invitation

Redirection Options

There may be times when the respondent has already completed the first survey and you may want to redirect them to the second survey if they try to return to the first again by using the same link.

For example, a respondent has a recall code and completes the first survey, if they use the recall code to come back to the first survey, it is possible to automatically redirect them to the second survey.

Depending on the type of distribution that your first survey is using, the following distribution settings will need to be applied for the Update Redirection feature to work:

  • Redirect them to a Web Page
  • If the Respondent returns to the survey after completion redirect them to the Url used previously on completion
  • (Anonymous distribution) Respondents can leave the survey and return later to complete an uncompleted response. MUST be checked
  • (Anonymous distribution) Respondent may return to the survey and edit an already completed response. Must NOT be checked
To edit your survey distribution settings, navigate to Distribution --> Methods in the navigation bar, then select the Edit Distribution Settings Icon.
Survey to Survey Redirect

Waiting Room Options

If you want your respondents to immediately undertake the second survey, without requiring email invitations or other processes, you'll need to place them into a "Waiting Room" while the second survey is prepared.

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