WSC 3.02 Release Notes

Release 3.02 of Web Survey Creator includes numerous speed and stability enhancements, together with more major changes as outlined below.
Web Survey Creator

New Theme Editor

New Language Spreadsheet Export/Import

New Chart Embedding Options

Enhanced Validation of Numeric Grids

Enhanced Simple Question Scripting

Enhanced Javascript API

Enhanced Matrix Column Heading Options

Enhanced Survey Parameter Passing


Support for Shared Numbers

Enhanced Export Reports

Speed Improvements

Web Survey Creator

New Theme Editor

The new Theme Editor allows you to copy existing standard themes (e.g. White, Red, Green, Black, etc) and then make changes to those Themes. Ever wanted to have a cool graphic over the who background of your survey? Want to change standard colors or fonts? Now you can using the Theme Editor available for Enterprise and above subscribers.
Theme Editor
Changing the theme is easy. Use the color-coded CSS editor and enter your CSS. Different styles can be applied for Standard Browsers versus Mobiles versus Tablets to ensure you get the best look and feel. So you can quickly identify your theme the Thumbnail in the Designer will show a rendered example of your theme in action.
Theme CSS

New Language Translation Spreadsheet Export/Import

If you work with Multi-Lingual Surveys the new Language Translation Spreadsheet Export/Import will make your Mutli-Lingual projects a snap. Choose the languages to export, send the exported spreadsheet to your translator and then import the returned spreadsheet to have your survey instantly updated. The spreadsheet includes Google Translate™ suggestions too.
Export Survey Translation Spreadsheet
Clear color-coding of sections with columns for current text and suggestions allow the translator to quickly translate your survey project
Export Survey Translation Spreadsheet
Upload the translated excel spreadsheet and then quickly see the changes in your survey
Export Survey Translation Spreadsheet
Export Survey Translation Spreadsheet

New Chart Embedding Options

Want to include overview charts in your survey workflow? For example, would you like to have people see where the survey results are currently tracking and have them respond in real time or perhaps see where the survey is at on completion of their response. You can now embed overview charts in the survey or completion pages using the <chart> content tag.
Question Access Code
Using a statistical question get the access code and place that into the survey
Embed Chart
And finally your respondents can see the results on your survey page in real time.
Embed Chart

Enhanced Validation of Numeric Grids

We have enhanced the options for validating Numeric Grids. You now have the ability to choose the validation method. Previously the mandatory method was simply a single cell completed. You now have the option to have mandatory require all cells completed, 1 cell in each column or 1 cell in each row to fulfill mandatory.
Embed Chart

Enhanced Simple Question Scripting

We have enhanced the quick question generation script capability. You can now include several formatting options within the script including the number of columns and list direction for choice questions and the ability to add tags to choices in choice questions. You can also change the sort orders of choices questions to apply randomisation if required.
Question Scripting

Enhanced Javascript API

We have enhanced the Javascript API for editions with scripting. There are many new features and helpers available including better support for matrix, text grid and numeric grid questions and more support for randomizing choices selections.

Enhanced Matrix Column Heading Options

Many customers need to have more flexible options when displaying headings on grid style questions. In particular the ability to have some of the values not displayed. We have enhanced the Heading Format to allow for showing different choice display patterns.
Choice Heading Formatting
Choice Heading Format Preview

Enhanced Survey Parameter Passing

We have enhanced the range of question types that may be prefilled through direct parameter passing through a survey URL and using the question access code.
Enhanced Parameter Passing

CATI - Support for Shared Numbers

White label customers using CATI now have the option to support "Shared Numbers" within a Job. Shared Numbers are where a CATI contact's phone number may be used by more than 1 contact. For example, you might be calling a hospital to speak to several doctors and/or other medical workers and they might all share the same number. The system now elegantly handles this situation.

CATI - Enhanced Export Reports

A range of CATI Interviewer information is now included in response exports to provided enhanced information for analysis

CATI - Speed Improvements

We have continued to enhance the CATI system with a range of improvements creating faster times for CATI workflows.

Other Fixes and Enhancements

1. [BUG] Long/Complex File Names on Upload - fixed
2. [BUG] CATI Job Template on copy - fixed
3. [BUG] Merging Pages Question Order issue - fixed
4. [BUG] Surveycraft Export and quota data - fixed
5. [BUG] Scripting Issue and validators - fixed
6. [BUG] Overview chart and session logged out - fixed
7. [BUG] Question statistics filter update and refresh - fixed
8. [ENH] Update to timezone database information
9. [ENH] Tighten rules on changing Language (both Default and Display language)
10. [BUG] Edit Question Tags formatting issue - fixed
11. [BUG] Hierarchical question loading of large lists issue - fixed
12. [BUG] Image tags and sizing on mobile devices - fixed
13. [ENH] Api and Survey Header and Navigation parametes included
14. [BUG] Portal Chart Image Heading Display issue- fixed
15. [ENH] CATI - Search by SMSID
16. [ENH] Collection of Landing URL for surveys for later analysis
17. [BUG] Correction of data manipulation - fixed
18. [ENH] UK Sales are now available in GBP
19. [BUG] CATI - Handle names longer than 25 characters in display - fixed
20. [BUG] SPSS value labels for numeric grids - fixed
21. [ENH] CATI - Sample management update appointments
22. [ENH] CATI - Contact Profiler Support
23. [ENH] CATI - Display Changes in footer bar

Past Updates

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