Using Text Questions in Web Surveys

Text questions represent the simplest, yet often most useful, content in your Web Surveys.

Single line text questions with formatting

Set up single line text questions with content validations as required (eg. email addresses only).

Multiple line text questions for comments

Allow respondents to enter long textual feedback in your surveys (for comments etc.) - you control how much text can be entered, and how the entry field will appear on screen.

Image-based Choices
Web Survey Creator provides everything you need to allow text to be entered into your Web Surveys. The single and multiple-line text questions are the most common method of collecting text.
Text questions are just the beginning...
There are many ways to collect text in your Web surveys beyond the basic text questions. Choice questions, for example, support the concept of an "other specify" choice that allows text to be entered. Matrix questions also provide an option to collect comments for each row of data.