WSC 5.02 Release Notes

Coming September 2019
Release 5.02 of Web Survey Creator includes star rating enhancements, Response Tags & Filtering enhancements, together with other changes as outlined below.

Star Rating

Response Tags & Filtering

Star Rating

We have extended the capabilities of the Star Rating question so that you can now support half stars along with new star images. These images work great on new mobile devices as they are larger and look great on devices with larger screens.

You can continue to choose the Standard capabilities or choose Extended capabilities with Large Stars and optionally choose to have Half Stars.
Star Ratings
The new extended stars operate in the same way as the standard starts but with a fresh new look.
Star Ratings

Response Tags & Filtering

Sometimes you might want to "tag" a response so you can identify it for review purposes. For example, you might identify the response as containing important information or open-ended comments that you wish to review.

You can now "Tag" these responses and then use those tags in filters to produce reports or find all responses that have similar tags.
Click on the "Tag" Toolbar item to add a new Tag.
Response Tags
Enter the Tag details. You choose a Tag Name and an (optional) Tag Value and Tag Colour.
Response Tags
When viewing a response, you can see all tags that are attached to a response. You can click the Tag to Edit or Delete it.
Response Tags
You can create Filter Conditions for Response Tags.
Response Tags
Enter the Tag Name and the (optional) value to search for in the Filter.
Response Tags
Wherever Filters are used you can then Filter for responses that meet your Tag criteria. This is great for "Excluding" responses from reports too.
Response Tags

Fixes and Enhancements

  1. [ENH] Video Slider Output, Enquiry and Data Piping (#1413, #1419, #1442)
  2. [ENH] Save Default Settings for questions (#1156)
  3. [ENH] Finish Message and Redirect now allows auto-timer (#1423)
  4. [ENH] Star Ratings (Image Size and Pivot Tables) (#1425, #1455)
  5. [ENG] SMTP Port Restriction (#1454)
  6. [BUG] Designer showing all pages and cannot add summary question (#1451)
  7. [BUG] Charts and some specific encoded characters (#1448)
  8. [ENH] Filter responses by converted from Draft Status (#1437)
  9. [BUG] Multiple Filters on Responses Browse Failed (#1446)
  10. [BUG] Summary Content and Signature Question Files (#1445)
  11. [BUG] Heatmap file names conflict with some browser advertising blockers (#1444)
  12. [BUG] Rating Statements and "Unsure" (#1440)
  13. [BUG] [CATI] Last contact date on search (#1439)
  14. [ENH] [CATI] Administrators can modify settings (#1438)
  15. [ENH] Response Tags & Filtering and Browse Responses (#1395, #1463)
  16. [BUG] [CATI] Duplicate Respondent during start of multiple sessions (#1436)
  17. [BUG] Safari and IOS and Clickable Choice Tiles (#1435)
  18. [BUG] Navigation Zone on Portal on Mobile CSS (#1424)
  19. [BUG] Portals, Charts and Apostrophes (#1434)
  20. [ENH] Short Links and White Labels (#1426)
  21. [ENH] Fallback on Rating Statements (#1427)
  22. [BUG] Copy and Pegged Items (#1432)
  23. [ENH] Survey Text Lists and mapping references (#1421)
  24. [BUG] Text Lists and Non-White Labels Versions (#1420)
  25. [ENH] Text Lists and User Logs (#1417)
  26. [ENH] SSL verification on load balanced infrastructure (#1447)
  27. [ENH] Best-Worst changes for optional autovalidation messaging (#1449, #1450)
  28. [ENH] Survey Flow browse settings (#1433)
  29. [BUG] Text Grid, Data Piping and upper/lower case (#1459)
  30. [BUG] Mobile banner default image width (#1462)
  31. [BUG] Google translate and some language codes (#1461)
  32. [ENH] Event API now sends error email if fails 3 times (#1460)
  33. [ENH] Response Tags in Response Export (#1430)
  34. [BUG] [CATI] Focus on Text Elements in CATI style issues (#1465)
  35. [BUG] Statistics Service naming convention (#1469)
  36. [ENH] AB testing value exposed in response and respondent enquiry screen (#1467)
  37. [ENH] Enhance Email Schedule Sending (#1471)
  38. [ENH] Enhanced Data Piping for Best/Worst (#1472)

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