WSC 4.30 Release Notes

24 March 2019

Release 4.30 of Web Survey Creator includes reporting enhancements, speed enhancements, together with other changes as outlined below.

Range Slider Question

Heat Map/Hot Spot Question

Response Summary Report

Declined Respondent Listing

Randomisation Export Data

Tile Buttons for Choice Questions

NPS Custom Styles

Range Slider Question

There are times when you need to collect more than a single number -- you might need two numbers as a range. We've created a new range slider question to allow you to capture this information in a process that works on both standard and mobile devices.

Range Slider
We've also listened to your feedback about the standard slider and have implemented a range of features, in the range slider, to enhance accurate data collection.

For example, you can enable activation on the slider control. This will require respondents to "click" the slider before they can select a value. You can also optionally set default values for the slider as well as minimum and maximum value ranges for the low (from) and high (to) ranges.

These features will allow you to limit or avoid respondents making no selection and taking the default values for their selection or being affected by bias.
Range Slider
The range slider will work with both double and single (one point) ranges. It will also work on all devices including tablets and smart devices including supporting touch and drag using finger gestures on mobile devices. It supports 4 new themes include "Bold Blue" which is design to work best with Mobile Devices.
Range Slider
The following animation shows the Range Slide being used on an iOS device with highlights of where the touches, drags, etc were on the device.
Range Slider

Heat Map/Hot Spot Question

Heat Map/Hot Spots are used to collect information from respondents of their reactions to an image. For example, you might have an advertisement or any image that you are looking to gain feedback on. You can allow your respondents to click on areas of the image and drop markers (Hot Spots Markers) to identify their points of interest.
Heat Map
You can also allow them to add optional comments for each of the markers they drop. Markers can be edited by the respondent and deleted if they have placed a marker at the wrong location.
Heat Map
Validations can be enabled to ensure that respondents complete the question and/or enter a specific minimum or maximum number of markers.
Heat Map
You can produce a Summary Response Report to export all images with their markers included. You can also see each marker when viewing individual responses, including their comments, if enabled.
Heat Map
The Analysis Overview will show the Heat Map of all responses with intensified heat for those areas with more points.
Heat Map

Response Summary Report

A new report is available allowing you to summarise all responses (or a filtered selection) in a single report. This is similar to the summary question type available in designer. All questions or a selection of questions can be included.
Response Summary
A template document may be created and uploaded to provide a custom look and feel for your report, allowing it to be used for branded reporting.

Templates are Microsoft Word Documents with dedicated styles for elements that will be used in the Responses Summary. Data piping symbols can be included in the document including the [@SUMMARY@] data piping symbol to place a summary of the response answers in the document.

These are examples (images) of documents created through Response Summary reporting and the use of templates.
Response Summary
Response Summary
As templates are just Microsoft Word Documents, with dedicated styles, you have a large degree of flexibility to be able to create custom reports based on individual responses.

Declined Response Listing

When you have multiple surveys and an extended period of usage, it can be difficult to determine who may have declined from your surveys and you can no longer invite to new surveys. will automatically prevent people who have permanently declined to participate in your future surveys, but it useful to see who these people are so you can review and clean up your distribution lists.

You can now use the Declined Survey Listing to see who has declined. You can also export a list of these people, the survey they declined and the date they declined.
Declined Response Listing

Randomisation Export Data

If you have used Randomisation in your surveys it is often helpful to be able to see the details of the random pattern that was used.

You can view individual response randomisation patterns by going to the Analysis -> Responses enquiry screen.
Random Data Export
You can now include the data in Response Exports. On the Response Export request check the option for "Include Page, Question, Row, Choice Randomization Details Tab" and the data will be included in the export.
Random Data Export
Random Data Export

Clickable Tiles for Choice Questions

We introduced "Clickable Tiles" to enhance the look and feel of Net Promoter Score display options in our 4.20 release. The implementation was very well received. We received feedback that many clients would like the look and feel to be able to be applied to out choice based questions.
Net Promoter Score Simple Panel
When creating a choice question you now have the ability to set that you want either "Input Buttons" or "Clickable Tiles"
Clickable Tiles
Clickable Tiles
This will then display the question in two (2) ways. Either normally with a series of input controls that are either radio-buttons or check-boxes:-
Clickable Tiles
or as a series of clickable tiles:-
Clickable Tiles
All tiles will appear as "Square", where possible. Increasing the width or height of questions will affect the dimensions and layout.
Clickable Tiles
These options will also work for Matrix Questions.
Clickable Tiles

NPS Custom Themes

We have created new Net Promoter Score styles for use with Single Selection (Single Choice) questions when used in Net Promoter Score statistics mode.

In normal circumstances the question will display in a similar fashion to other Single Selection (Single Choice) questions.
NPS Theme
However, there are now new styles which will allow users on versions that allow custom theme editing, to edit the theme and apply custom styling to their NPS questions.

That means, you can use different colouring for the choice selections or even change elements like the radius of the element to provide a truly custom feel.

These styles will not clash with other Single Selection (Single Choice) questions that appear on the page to ensure you have a truly custom feel.
NPS Theme
Note: White-Label customers using NPS questions with older style themes will require their theme to be upgraded in order to utilise the new NPS styling.

Fixes and Enhancements

  1. [ENH] Response Summary Report (#1165)
  2. [BUG] Survey Structure Report (#1278)
  3. [ENH] [CATI] Speed Enhancements (#1277)
  4. [ENH] Ability to export both value and text (#1275)
  5. [BUG] Pivot Table Data Duplication Fix (#1271)
  6. [ENH] Add Page Flow capabilities to IMAGE MAP (#1138)
  7. [ENH] [CATI] Make Appointment filtering a Job setting (#1262)
  8. [BUG] Cookie dropping and surveys (#1233)
  9. [ENH] Randomisation Data in Response Export (#1254,1246)
  10. [BUG] [CATI] Filters and CATI Browse (#1309)
  11. [BUG] Setting Email themes (#1308)
  12. [BUG] Accessing a Portal with language parameters (#1305)
  13. [ENH] [360] Accessing Responses changes (#1307, 1296, 1301)
  14. [ENH] Uploaded image data included in summary reports (#1310)
  15. [ENH] FaceBook access changes (#1302)
  16. [ENH] Lost password reset changes (#1299)
  17. [ENH] White-label survey site theme changes (#1300)
  18. [BUG] Text Validation Issues (#1298)
  19. [ENH] Respondent Password Changes (#1297)
  20. [ENH] Schedule Reports to run at X minutes (#1295)
  21. [ENH] Report restart issues (#1294)
  22. [ENH] Sending email to closed distributions (#1290)
  23. [ENH] Range Slider allows range of values (#1259)
  24. [BUG] Map Question and blocked in browser (#1289)
  25. [ENH] List of Declined Respondents across all surveys (#1286, 1083, 1288)
  26. [ENH] Add/Get Comments in wscScripting (#1287)
  27. [ENH] Tile Buttons (Hide Buttons) in choice questions (#1284)
  28. [ENH] Allow Collaborator with Admin privileges to rename a survey (#1121)
  29. [BUG] Language Translation and unsupported languages (#1279, 1326)
  30. [BUG] Image maps and coordinates must at least contain 3 points (#1282)
  31. [ENH] Add Languages code to language screens (#1283)
  32. [ENH] Import Translations doesn't abort but skips and warns (#1281)
  33. [BUG] My Account organisation changes on edit (#1273)
  34. [BUG] Minor issues when stripping blank content (#1272)
  35. [ENH] Quota generation enhancements (#1250)
  36. [BUG] Numeric Mandatory translated text (#1270)
  37. [BUG] Page Looping and system data piping targets (#1267)
  38. [ENH] List of Respondents who access a survey when closed (#1079)
  39. [BUG] Question graph appearing multiple times in Overview page in specific circumstances (#1292)
  40. [BUG] Fixed an issue where Interviewers were credited with a complete when editing a survey (#1320)
  41. [BUG] NPS labels showing incorrectly (#1319)
  42. [BUG] Page Flows and Rating Statements (#1323)
  43. [ENH] Translation Spreadsheet Export now has options to exclude unneeded items (#1332)
  44. [ENH] [360] Extension column for additional details in search from TAG (#1331)
  45. [BUG] Theme fixes for CSS in IE and Black Theme consistency fixes (#1330)
  46. [BUG] Unable to select survey category when copying from existing survey or template (#1333)
  47. [BUG] Incorrect ProcessType being set when creating Surveycraft report via API (#1334)
  48. [ENH] NPS Question provided new CSS class to allow customisation (#1335)
  49. [BUG] Default Choices not properly set when page flow shows a matrix (#1155)
  50. [ENH] Create Recall Codes spreadsheet now includes the survey link (#1344)
  51. [BUG] QR Codes required a new rendering engine (#1345)
  52. [BUG] Issue with moving questions and pages with data piping (#1342)
  53. [ENH] Scripting Tips Comments (#1343)
  54. [ENH] Scripting Comments with /// (3 forward slashes do not render) (#1346)
  55. [BUG] Issue with rendering of choice labels on designer for page flows (#1348)
  56. [BUG] Issue with rendering of group labels for corporate groups [WHITELABEL] (#1350)
  57. [ENH] New Translatable languages of Te Reo Maori, Samoan and Punjabi are available for selection (#1355)

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