WSC 5.07 Release Notes

15 November 2020

Release 5.07 of Web Survey Creator includes a range of changes to polish the internal workings as outlined below.

Page Navigation Changes

Barcode Identification
Coming January 2021 for MR Versions

Scripting Choice and Row Tags

Page Navigation

Based on feedback we have moved the Access Code search. It now is located as a toolbar button that can easily be selected.
Goto Access Code
Clicking the button will toggle the display of the Access Code search. You can then enter an Access Code and will be taken to the page containing that question.
Goto Access Code
We've also enhanced the display of pages to include a Percentage value on the list of pages. This can make it easier to find a page, particularly when you are previewing a page and only know the page based on its percentage complete.
Page Percentages
Because not everybody wants to have this feature active you need to go to My Account and enable the feature
Page Percentages

Scripting Choice and Row Tags

Many Market Research users who utilise the scripting module have asked for enhancements to scripting to allow easier access to information to identify Choices and Rows. In particular, there have been many requests to allow Rows to have values.

What we have done is to expose any TAG with the TAG NAME of CODE for both Choices and Rows to be more easily exposed. In addition, with Rows, any TAG with the TAG NAME of VALUE is also exposed.

While Choices have always had values, you can now include (via a TAG) a Value for a Row and more easily identity Rows and Choices by a TAG called CODE.
Row and Choice Tags

Barcode Identification

Coming January 2021 for MR Versions
Many Market Researchers are conducting studies that require participants to supply a diary trail or evidence of a product they may have purchased. For example, you might be conducting a study into consumption of snacks and want your participants to show the product they consumed.

Market Research version users will now have the ability to have participants upload an image of the product barcode (for example, take a photo on their smart device) and have that image verified against a list of possible valid barcode types.

You will not only be able to select the type of barcodes you wish to verify but also include a list of possible valid barcode values. This will allow you to validate that not only is the image a barcode, but it is also a valid product in the product line you are researching.
For Barcodes to be properly validated, they will require a clear image. You should consider providing your participants with some clear instructions on what they need to do. You could perhaps include an example image of the barcode on the packaging for the product category you are requesting.

Fixes and Enhancements

  1. [BUG] Changes for Load Balancers, SSL and Ajax calls (#837, #838)
  2. [ENH] Changes for security (#1568)
  3. [ENH] Export YEAR in DATE question as a INTEGER (#1693)
  4. [ENH] Validate and identify Barcodes in File Uploads (#1712)
  5. [BUG] Portal Chart Embedding Dialog (#1719)
  6. [ENH] Upload control widths on a mobile (#1725)
  7. [BUG] Question Types on Brochure (#1732)
  8. [ENH] Changes for SSL (#1733)
  9. [BUG] wscScripting and choice comments (#1736)
  10. [BUG] Updating choices and Other specify (#1737)
  11. [BUG] Format of RangeSlider data pipe (#1738)
  12. [BUG] Retrieve Questions Before Page Changes (#1739)
  13. [ENH] Response Export including First Created Date (#1740)
  14. [ENH] [CATI] Filtering interviewers and CATI (#1741)
  15. [BUG] Report Creation data retrieve (#1742)
  16. [BUG] Page flow hide/show and text list questions (#1743)
  17. [BUG] Password change length options (#1745)
  18. [BUG] Randomisation on JSON and new patterns (#1746)
  19. [BUG] Process Quotas when jumping pages and page flow (#1752)
  20. [BUG] Reset Ranking Question scripting issues (#1753)
  21. [BUG] NPS charts in overview, and quotes (#1757)
  22. [ENH] wscScripting and reset numerics defaults to 0 (#1758)
  23. [ENH] JavaScript Logging (#1763)
  24. [ENH] Choice "codes" tags and Rows "codes" and "values" tags exposed in wscScripting (#1764)
  25. [ENH] Pages and Percentages (#1766)
  26. [BUG] Demographics data piping and extra hard returns (#1767)
  27. [ENH] Event API to drive a custom service task (#1768)
  28. [ENH] ChoiceGroupTitles not to repeat if same title (#1772)
  29. [ENH] Catalogue of Survey Templates (#1775)
  30. [BUG] Force Scripting for Randomisation check fails (#1777)
  31. [ENH] Pegged Rows Alphabetical Sorting (#1781)
  32. [BUG] Scripting and hidden matrixes on other pages (#1782)
  33. [BUG] Issue with half stars and Surveycraft export (#1783)
  34. [ENH] Reposition Goto Access Code... (#1790, #1819)
  35. [BUG] Content strip tags and areas like flow control (#1792)
  36. [ENH] Organisation SMTP Password Length (#1793)
  37. [BUG] NPS Chart and Sub Title rendering (#1794)
  38. [BUG] Edit Organisation Issue (#1797)
  39. [BUG] Hard returns and Tags and Respondent Import (#1798)
  40. [BUG] Question Rows and Alphabetical Label (#1800)
  41. [ENH] wscScripting getAgefromDate(date) (#1801)
  42. [BUG] Single Line Text Question and Text Counter invalid parameters (#1803)
  43. [ENH] No longer can use FLASH for file uploads as a fallback (#1805)
  44. [BUG] Date Value on exports (#1806)
  45. [BUG] Hide/Show and resetting Date Time questions (#1807)
  46. [BUG] [CATI] Preview of survey and header change issues (#1808)
  47. [BUG] Non standard brochure content on white label sites (#1810)
  48. [BUG] Data piping images into content questions was not working (#1814)
  49. [BUG] Respondent Emails and "To" panel on Send Email page (#1816)
  50. [BUG] Export Responses and In/Outbound URL Titles (#1817)
  51. [BUG] Welcome Tour has incorrect highlights in Survey Design (#1826)
  52. [BUG] Trigger Scripting Event for Matrix when choice linked (#1828)
  53. [BUG] If only "Include call attempts" checked in the Excel export CATI options then data overwritten (#1832)
  54. [BUG] Rating statements and hidden question on subsequent page (#1833)
  55. [BUG] Hard returns being rendered in the heatmap controls (#1858)

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