WSC 5.06 Release Notes

10 August 2020

Release 5.06 of Web Survey Creator includes Theme Changes, Notification Labels, Search Question by Access Code and other changes as outlined below.

Theme Changes

Notification Labels

Vimeo Data Piping

Search Question by Access Code

Image Map Tooltips

Updated Scripting Guide

Theme Changes

We have now exposed many of the core elements of the themes as variables. This will allow users to customise themes in a more rapid way.
CSS Root Colour and Fonts
By changing the individual elements in the custom Theme CSS you can apply the change to all elements that use the style variable.
CSS Root Example
You can continue to use standard style inheritance to adjust styles and all existing themes will continue to work as previously designed. Inheritance elements are only applicable to Theme2 Themes. Customers using an old Theme1 Theme must continue in their standard style inheritence.

Search Question by Access Code

If you have a large number of pages and utilise Access Codes for your questions, it can sometimes be tricky to find the page containing the question you want to edit. You can now use the Question Access Code search to for a question and jump to the appropriate page.
Access Code Menu
Once displayed the menu option you can enter the Access Code and go to the appropriate page. The menu will continue to show until toggled to hidden.
Access Code Menu

Notification Labels

We have made some small adjustments to notification labels for questions. In particular, Question Access Codes are now shown in a Green colour. This will make them more easily identifiable.
Access Code Colour
We have also adjusted some other messaging for clarity, including showing appropriate messaging if you have translated JavaScript questions when using multiple languages.
JavaScript Translation

Image Map Tooltips

We have always allowed text in tooltips for Image Maps on Choice Questions. You can now include image content tags or choice images for tooltips. These will be displayed when you choose "Show Tooltips" for Map Area Tooltips.

This will allow users to show zoomed images or additional content at the point of the choice selection.
Image Map Tooltips

Vimeo Data Piping

The video codes for access to Vimeo videos now have the capability to utilize data piping. This will allow videos to be sources from answers to questions on previous pages. This gives flexibility to clients wanting to display different videos based on answers complex question combinations.
Vimeo Data Piping

Updated Scripting Guide

The scripting guide has been updated. It includes new methods to make access to scripting easier for those clients with access to scripting.

We have added a range of methods to make scripting tasks easier:-
  • findObjectByKey
  • findOrdinalByKey
  • getFirstSelectedChoice
  • getFirstSelectedChoiceValue
  • getFirstSelectedMatrixChoice
  • getFirstSelectedMatrixChoiceValue
  • hideMatrixCell
  • hideQuestion
  • showMatrixCell
  • showQuestion
More information can be found in our Updated Scripting Guide

It is important to note that there have been a number of changes to specific scripting methods.

In particular wscScripting.getValue() for numerics will now return a number OR a NaN value if an invalid number is found.. This should be appropriately tested as a numeric, rather than as a string value.

If you are using tests that compare NUMBERS to STRINGS to check for questions that have been completed you need to change your script
Scripting Numbers

Fixes and Enhancements

  1. [BUG] Excess response token reset (#1358)
  2. [ENH] Text Analytics Changes (#1506)
  3. [ENH] Column for "back button was pressed" in SPSS (#1544)
  4. [BUG] Fix rollover downgrade code (#1585)
  5. [ENH] Additional Data Piping codes (#1597)
  6. [BUG] Survey Page Flow create and Language (#1625)
  7. [ENH] Slider and 3 labels (#1626)
  8. [BUG] Quota generation and encoding (#1629)
  9. [BUG] Uploading files with apostrophes (#1630)
  10. [ENH] Update the last updated date (#1633)
  11. [BUG] <standardonly> <tabletonly> <mobileonly> and choices (#1639)
  12. [BUG] Heatmap and webhelp text etc (#1640)
  13. [BUG] Copy page with data piping in choice (#1641)
  14. [ENH] Export Respondents and EDITDATE column (#1645)
  15. [BUG] getMatrixValue() parameter order for consistency (#1646)
  16. [BUG] Text Data Record Auto (#1648)
  17. [ENH] Tags in Tags (#1649)
  18. [ENH] Vimeo codes via DATAPIPING (#1650)
  19. [BUG] wscScripting.getValue() for a numeric returning STRING (#1653)
  20. [ENH] Browser Detection (#1652, #1654)
  21. [BUG] Mobile choice images and 100% width (#1656)
  22. [ENH] wscScripting HideCell (#1660)
  23. [BUG] Export Survey and Row Images (#1661)
  24. [ENH] tel attribute in content tags (#1662)
  25. [ENH] Allow tooltips of image maps to be another image (#1663)
  26. [ENH] Scripting find property and ordinal in array (#1665)
  27. [ENH] Multiple Select questions use TRUE or FALSE rather than "True" (#1666)
  28. [ENH] Data Changes (#1655, #1667, 1668, 1670)
  29. [BUG] Vimeo videos don't center if requested when they are portrait (#1671)
  30. [BUG] Auto-translate Suggestion in Translate spreadsheet (#1673)
  31. [BUG] Edit Selection Question with Specify (#1674)
  32. [BUG] Issues with <table></table> and double bytes (#1675)
  33. [BUG] Copy Survey Issues (#1676)
  34. [ENH] Ability to search for a Question in designer based on ACCESS CODE (#1678)
  35. [BUG] Scripting getMatrixValue() and setMatrixValue() (#1679)
  36. [BUG] Very long Textlist search text and mobile rendering (#1680)
  37. [ENH] CSS Styles using variables and failovers (#1681)
  38. [ENH] Treatment of multi-language JavaScripts (#1684)
  39. [BUG] [CATI] Test respondent doesn't pull through the respondent address (#1685)
  40. [ENH] EventAPI URL allowed length (#1686)
  41. [ENH] Excel randomisation tab now split into multiple tabs (#1688)
  42. [BUG] Text Analytics Quota Value editing (#1689)
  43. [DOCUMENT] Updated Scripting Guide (#1692)
  44. [BUG] Content Tags for Images and Apostrophes (#1694)
  45. [ENH] Generic Number with 2 decimals numeric type (#1697)
  46. [BUG] Encoding of file names in displaying in content (#1698)
  47. [BUG] Export Translation Spreadsheet and blank translated fields (#1696, #1699)
  48. [ENH] wscScripting.getFirstSelectedChoice() and getFirstSelectedMatrixChoiceValue() (#1700)
  49. [BUG] Data piping and translation spreadsheet (#1704)
  50. [BUG] Default for Distribution Survey Flow Data (#1706)
  51. [ENH] Javascript Question warning labels (#1711)
  52. [ENH] Page Looping and Javascript Referencing (#1713)
  53. [BUG] Slider and @@ labels Rendering (#1716)
  54. [BUG] Small Stars, Star Rating rendering issue (#1720)
  55. [BUG] Portal Pivot table Summary Rendering (#1721)
  56. [BUG] Optional Suffix label on a numeric question and Language/translation spreadsheet (#1723)

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