WSC 8.00/8.01 Release Notes

12 March 2023 and 27 March 2023

Release 8.00 of Web Survey Creator has been very focussed on some performance and technology enhancements for the platform, but we have managed to sneak in a few other changes as outlined below.

Multi-Line Banner Text

Table Content Tag Styles

Reporting Dynamic Dates

Validation Theme Styles

Optional Mandatory Indicator

Duplicate Quotas

Two-Factor Authentication

Content Tag Assistant

Overview Charts Alphabetic Order

Changes to Vimeo

Demographic Email Address Confirmation

Multi-Line Banner Text

Enterprise Edition and above
Occasionally you might have a survey title or banner text that is quite long. This presents a difficulty as the text will not show properly on the banner as it is too long. You can now include multi-lines of text on banners. This is done by settings on the theme. By default all themes allow for a single line of text to maintain backwards compatibility and not affect any current surveys.
Multiple Line Banner
To setup a multiple line banner you will need to create your own theme and then edit the position of the text, choose to wrap the text and select a width for the text to wrap.
Multiple Line Banner
The Y-Axis is initial position of the text from the top left corner of the banner image (shown bounded by a black border). The Text Font Size is the point size of the font used for the text. The Wrap Banner Text Width is the width in pixels that will be used as a box to wrap the text. The combination of these 3 elements will create a "box" (shown in red) that the text will wrap within
Multiple Line Banner
Once set the theme will wrap the banner. The number of lines will depend on the length of the text, the width of the area to include the text and the font size.
Multiple Line Banner

Table Content Tags Styles

We have exposed Table Content Tag row styles so that you can choose what styles will be used on the row when it is shown.

Normally unadjusted tables will show with a Header style and then alternating Even and Odd row styles
Table Content Tag Styles
You can adjust these styles by adding any of the following directives to the table content tag.


The styles need to be included at the beginning of the row, as seen here in this example, which repeats the header style on the 4th row and the even style on the 3rd row:-

<table>\style:header;\width:100px;You||\align:right;Can ||Have||\width:175px;Things@@
Shown||\align:right;In||A||Table and have rows and cells too@@
\colspan:4;Tables support widths, alignment and spanning of columns</table>
Table Content Tag Styles

Report Dynamic Dates

When you create a report you can set the date range for the selection of which responses will be included. If you scheduled the reports to repeatedly generate at future times you might want those dates to refer to the period relative to the current date. For example, "Show all the responses for the past week" might mean something different if the report is generated today versus in 3 weeks.

When you select dates for reports now, you will have the ability to choose a specific date or a dynamic date. The date will be updated and reflect the correct dates when the report is created.
Report Date Selection
Today is calculated based on the timezone for any response since 00:00:00 on the current day till the present time.
Yesterday is calculated based on the timezone for any response since 00:00:00 on the day before today up until 23:59:59 on the day before today.
Last 7 days is calculated based on the timezone for any response since 00:00:00 on the day 7 days before today up until 23:59:59 on the day before today.
Month to date is calculated based on the timezone for any response since 00:00:00 on the 1st day of the current month till the present time.
Year to date is calculated based on the timezone for any response since 00:00:00 on the 1st day of the current year till the present time.
Previous month is calculated based on the timezone for any response since 00:00:00 on the 1st day of the previous month up until 23:59:59 on the last day of the previous month.

Validation Theme Styles

Enterprise Edition and above
The styles for validation messaging has been clarified to include simple methods to change both the colour of text and background colour in your survey theme.
Validation Styles
Changing these two variables will easily provide simple adjustment of the validation colours.
Validation Styles
In addition, some other styles, such as styles for <H1> and <H2> content tags and paragraph content text question types, have been clarified to ensure they are consistent.

Optional Mandatory Indicator

Many users have expressed a desire to see an indicator, for their respondents, that the question is mandatory. We have now added the ability to say that an indicator will appear before the question text if the question is mandatory.

This is set in the Edit Header, Footer & Navigation Settings section.
Mandatory Indicator
This will show as an Asterisk when displayed. The style is able to be adjusted for those with the capability to edit/add themes.
Mandatory Indicator

Duplicate Quotas

Market Research Edition and above
From time to time, you might need to create complex Quota scenarios. In those circumstances where it might be the case of having very similar quotas with slight changes to the quota rules, you can now Duplicate Quotas. This will allow you to set up a range of quotas, duplicate them and then edit the duplicated quotas and make slight adjustments.

This should provide time savings for those users with complex quota needs.
Duplicate Quotas
Quota re-calculations have also been enhanced to excluded Archived responses from the Quota calculation. Archived responses will continue to remain in a quota, if applicable and already included, but will be excluded if the quota is recalculated.

Two-Factor Authentication

We have had the ability to utilize Two-Factor Authentication in Web Survey Creator for some time now. You can see our Two Factor Authentication page for more information.

We are now emphasising this capability in the platform with messaging and reminders.

You can click links to Enable Two-Factor Authentication or Ignore the warning for 60 days or Find out more about Two Factor Authentication.

We recommend that all users consider using Two-Factor Authentication.
Two-Factor Authentication

Content Tag Assistant

You now have access to a content tag assistant for commonly used tags when editing Question Text, Row Text and Choice Text.

Simply highlight the text to apply a tag and choose the option from the Tag Assistant.
Table Content Tag Styles

Overview Chart and Pivot Table Alphabetic Order

If you have a Choice Based Question where you have selected Sort Choices Alphabetically that selection will now apply to overview charts and pivot tables.

Pegged items will also be respected.
Overview Chart Sort Order
Alphabetized and Pegged Choices will appear in their correct order. Other sort orders will not be respected and will appear in the choice natural order.
Overview Chart Sort Order
As noted, Pivot Tables will also respect the alphabetical ordering of the choices.
Overview Chart Sort Order
This will apply to Multiple Choice, Single Selection; Multiple Choice, Multiple Selection; Multiple Choice, Drop Down; and related question types.

Vimeo Changes

Market Research Edition and Above
For a number of years we have maintained the ability for older questions created using the old Vimeo video player to continue to use the older player. This was done as the older player supported custom script that could be written to talk to that player.

We have now ceased allowing that to proceed and all Vimeo questions will use the newer Vimeo video player.

There is nothing that needs to happen and all videos should play as expected. We believe there were very few, if any surveys, now talking to the old player by script. If you were using script to talk to the older player this is no longer possible.

Demographic Email Address Confirmation

We have had a number of requests to allow an email confirmation. That is, someone enters in their email address, and must confirm, by re-entering, that their email address is correct.

We have now allowed the option on the Demographic Email Address question.
Demographic Email Setup
You will then get a confirmation field and required validations when entering an email address.
Demographic Email Survey
This will correctly validate that the email address and confirmation address must match.
Demographic Email Survey

Fixes and Enhancements 8.00/8.01

  1. [ENH] Increase Come-back-later-code to up to 200 characters (#1638)
  2. [ENH] Filters and drafts (#1914, #2432)
  3. [ENH] Multiple line Banner Text (#2113)
  4. [ENH] Date Calculation for Month in Pivot Table (#2232)
  5. [ENH] Report creation with date selection of responses based on dynamic date (#2293)
  6. [ENH] Opt-out options for white labels (#2412)
  7. [ENH] Two-Factor-Authentication (2FA) Warning (#2417)
  8. [ENH] Pivot Table and default display types (#2419)
  9. [BUG] Inbound Sent Email Events with bounces (#2436)
  10. [BUG] Delete Unused Tag Sets (#2437)
  11. [BUG] [360] Paragraph and Response Count and Relationships (#2438)
  12. [BUG] [360] Multiple questions in competency for comments (#2440)
  13. [BUG] [360] Relationship import with the same SUBJECT and THIRDPARTY if the review is not a SELF (#2443)
  14. [BUG] Group Titles when using choice linking (#2445)
  15. [ENH] Editing Choice Group Titles (#2446)
  16. [ENH] Restart statistics task (#2447)
  17. [ENH] Choice Linking and Show When Selected performance enhancements (#2448)
  18. [BUG] Missing Element in Translation Export (#2449)
  19. [BUG] Copying page and choice images (#2450)
  20. [BUG] Survey page flow record dropdown selection (#2451)
  21. [BUG] Survey backend process (#2452)
  22. [BUG] Come-back-later-code interface and Uploaded Codes (#2453)
  23. [ENH] Enhancements to Slider Grid Thumbs (#2454)
  24. [BUG] Content Tag Table COLSPAN (#2457)
  25. [ENH] <table> content tag and styles (#2458)
  26. [BUG] Text Grid and Choice Lists (#2459)
  27. [ENH] Enhancements for creating Filters (#2460)
  28. [ENH] File Deletion Processes (#1637, #2461)
  29. [BUG] Summary Item and Response File Display (#2462)
  30. [ENH] Validation for VAT post Brexit (#2463)
  31. [ENH] Database performance enhancements (#2464)
  32. [ENH] Admin able to see all the people in the MY ACCOUNT log (#2465)
  33. [BUG] Multi select card sort allows show all choices to be turned off (#2466)
  34. [ENH] [SPSS] Data Lengths Changes to reduce file sizes (#2467)
  35. [ENH] Processing of Response Tokens (#2468)
  36. [ENH] Update the Survey Draft & Completed Data Counts (#2469)
  37. [BUG] Opt-out and invalid emails (#2470)
  38. [ENH] Date Control Dropdown for year only goes back 10 years (#2475)
  39. [BUG] Enhancement to deletion processing of respondents and responses (#2476)
  40. [BUG] Signature question and mandatory name validation (#2478)
  41. [BUG] Messaging for an invalid survey attempt (#2479)
  42. [ENH] [SPSS] Report of Drag and Flag Question (#2481)
  43. [BUG] Images for matrixes and rows and ARIA tags (#2483)
  44. [BUG] Demographic email validation (#2484)
  45. [ENH] Pipe filename rather than the image (#2485)
  46. [BUG] [SPSS] Inconsistent Choice REPORTTEXT Tag Labels for variables (#2486)
  47. [ENH] Copy, Move, Paste when on different browser tabs (#2488)
  48. [ENH] Tooltips on File Images Browse (#2489)
  49. [ENH] Question Text and Bold Symbol Menu (#2490)
  50. [BUG] Card Sort Images and special characters and wrapping (#2491)
  51. [ENH] Duplicate Quotas (#2492)
  52. [ENH] [SPSS] Multi Select questions and 'Not Answered' (#2493)
  53. [BUG] NPS and whole numbers (#2495)
  54. [BUG] Update system administrator and report files (#2498)
  55. [BUG] Update all choices with images and translated images (#2499)
  56. [ENH] Validation to confirm confirmation of demographic email addresses (#2500)
  57. [ENH] Validations and Font Colours (#2501)
  58. [ENH] Sort Pivot Table Choices Alphabetically if the Question is Alphabetically Sorted (#2502)
  59. [ENH] Sort Choice Based Overview Charts Alphabetically if the Question is Alphabetically Sorted (#2503)
  60. [BUG] Filename with ( or ) in the name and <image> content tags (#2505)
  61. [BUG] Issues hiding a Heatmap question (#2506)
  62. [BUG] Text List and removed list from questions (#2507)
  63. [BUG] Security Changes (#2509)
  64. [BUG] File Upload Storage Name management (#2510)
  65. [ENH] Optional Mandatory Question indicator preceding the Question Text (#2511)
  66. [ENH] Vimeo and older froogaloop player deprecated (#2512)
  67. [ENH] Changes to theme accent colour for checkboxes and radio buttons (#2513)
  68. [BUG] Unlock account issue (#2514)
  69. [BUG] Survey default language, when not primary language and refreshing (#2515)
  70. [BUG] Download File using <file> tag failing in some circumstances (#2516)
  71. [ENH] Changes to Social Media links (#2517)
  72. [BUG] Updating languages via spreadsheet was not being reflected in Survey Banner image (#2519)
  73. [ENH] Survey Performance Enhancements for Quotas and Flows (#2521)
  74. [BUG] Issue with editing respondent distribution on some accounts (#2522)
  75. [ENH] Scripting reset numeric matrix with totals (#2523)
  76. [BUG] Survey Query String parameters without keys and data piping (#2524)
  77. [BUG] Summary Question and rendering of data piping in some circumstances (#2525)
  78. [BUG] Responses Browse and Draft Filter (#2528)
  79. [BUG] Navigation Buttons on Survey Responses (#2529)
  80. [BUG] Email from Reporting completion formatting (#2530)
  81. [ENH] Database Performance (#2531, #2532)
  82. [BUG] Hierarchical Questions and Data Piping (#2533)
  83. [ENH] Dynamic Reporting Date clarification (#2534)
  84. [ENH] Single Line Text Grid formatting (#2537)
  85. [BUG] Heatmap and Summary Report (#2538)
  86. [ENH] Clarify password strength messaging (#2540)
  87. [BUG] Multiple Choice Grid and Exclusive (#2541)
  88. [ENH] Archived and Quotas (#2542)
  89. [ENH] Number validation and {Operand} (#2544)
  90. [BUG] Summary question and collaborated Template (#2546)
  91. [ENH] Vimeo and Scripting (#2546)
  92. [ENH] Security Changes (#2547, #2554)
  93. [ENH] Search for Images (#2548)
  94. [ENH] Header Paragraph and H1 and H2 content tags (#2549, #2556)
  95. [BUG] Response Token Limit (#2550)
  96. [BUG] Edit Report Fixed Date Range (#2552)
  97. [ENH] Clarify Pivot Table Updating Message (#2555)
  98. [ENH] Export Uploaded File Url in SPSS Exports (#2559)

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