WSC 6.01 Release Notes

26 July 2021

Release 6.01 of Web Survey Creator includes a range of changes to as outlined below.

Password Strength & Securtity Enhancements

Numeric Range validations based on Data Piping

Matrix use and downscaling as dropdowns

We have been working on some security enhancements for our platform and this release has been focussed primarily to enhancing security and performance features of the application.

Password & Security Changes

We have changed the strength requirements of new passwords. You will now be required to enter a password of at least 10 characters in length and it must contain at least 1 numeric character and 1 special character. Your current passwords will not be required to be changed but, as always, we recommend that you regularly review your own passwords and consider using a password manager or other device to manage a unqiue password.
Password Strength
We also recommend you consider enabling Two-Factor Authentication on our plaform. More information about Two-Factor Authentication can be found in our blog. Find out more...

Numeric Range validations based on Data Piping

Researchers often need to limit a numeric value based on the answer to a previous question.

For example, I might ask for a respondent to enter a maximum number if items in a question:
Numeric Validations
Then on a subequent page, ask them for a value where the result cannot exceed the previously asked maximum value.

I can now use data piping for the range values to limit my answers
Numeric Validations
Just use the Data Piping Code of the source question in the range field, as shown here:
Numeric Validations
Now, when you enter a value in the first question:
Numeric Validations
It will be used as a validator in the second question.
Numeric Validations

Matrix use and downscaling as dropdowns

With standard Single Selection (Choose Only Only) matrix questions we allow a range of downscale options, when the question is displayed on a mobile device.

We've always chosen to downscale and show the most appropriate method for the size of the device, but have provided a range of options to allow researchers to control how the downscaled experience will appear.
drop down downscaling
Downscale to Drop Down is new option to show the question in a simple drop down list format. It presents as a neat simple offering instead of downscaling to radio buttons or tiles.
drop down downscaling

Fixes and Enhancements

  1. [BUG] Slider Grid downscale on mobile with Tiles (#1622)
  2. [ENH] Scripting on Card Sort (#1728)
  3. [BUG] Moving pages containing javascript (#1784)
  4. [ENH] For downscale of single selection (choose one), single grid matrix use and dropdowns (#1866)
  5. [BUG] Card Sort and invalid downscale (#1874)
  6. [ENH] Messaging when a Page is hidden (#1889)
  7. [ENH] Numeric Questions and Range Validation based on Data Piping (#1910)
  8. [ENH] Security enhancements (#1992, #1993, #1994, #1995, #1996, #1997, #1998, #1999, #2013, #2045)
  9. [BUG] Billing Information logging (#2005)
  10. [BUG] Page History when deleting a response (#2008)
  11. [BUG] [CATI] New Appointment counts when filtering (#2012)
  12. [BUG] Survey Language issue (#2014)
  13. [BUG] Dropdowns on same page when the second list is allows choice searching (#2018)
  14. [BUG] Terms and Conditions Question and reCaptcha on Design (#2024)
  15. [ENH] Geolocation Maps, Street View, Satelitte View and Fullscreen (#2029)
  16. [BUG] Issue when attempting to upload a File using the File Upload Question in designer (#2030)
  17. [BUG] Speed enhancements for Survey Respondent Tags and reporting queries (#2032)
  18. [BUG] Length Validation of Text Grid Fields (#2038)
  19. [BUG] Reporting and Hierarchical Questions Slowness (#2048)
  20. [BUG] [360] Relationship Report merged cells in table issue (#2049)
  21. [DEPRECATION] Sign-up and Login via Facebook has been removed (#2059)

Past Updates

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