Overview and Reporting Changes

Market Research Versions
There is a new Response Statistics overview statistic available. This will detail each of the distributions and the number of Drafts, Screen Outs, Quota Outs, and Completes for each distribution. In addition, it will show the Average Time to complete a response and the Incidence Rate for the distribution.
Overview Table
Like all charts and tables in overview, the raw data may be extracted by using the Export Data as Excel feature. In addition, this table is available for selection in portals, for exposure for stakeholders.

2FA is now mandatory

All Versions
For some time now, we have been encouraging users to switch on Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to protect their access to Web Survey Creator.

From 30 June 2024, 2FA will be mandatory. All users who have not setup 2FA will have email based 2FA established on their accounts.

In doing so, you will receive an email each time you login to Web Survey Creator. You will then be required to use your email address, password and a valid 2FA Code.

Furthermore, the amount of time that authentication persists has been reduced to 24 hours, from the date of update. This was recommended by security specialists as best practice and we have adopted this approach.

If you would prefer to use an Authenticator App you will be able to visit My Account and switch to the Authenticator App. You will not be able to disable 2FA.

Click here to find out more about Two-Factor Authentication.

Alternative Download link for Exports

Versions supporting File Upload Question
Any file upload question will be displayed as a downloadable link in the Excel Export. Generally this is a link to the uploaded file with its original name.

These files can then be bulk downloaded using a browser based file download manager or other tool, that supports the pasting of URLs. However, determining and connecting the response from the downloaded file has been complicated as there was no reference to the response in the file name.

We can now, optionally, provide a link that will rename the downloaded file using the Come-Back-Later-Code, the Question Access Code and the File Name

Download File Naming
For example, a downloaded file might appear as A252RPMX42_BARCODE_IMG4627.png

This will allow you to sort, identify and categorise all downloaded files by their original response. You can then link the response based on the first part of the name and the question on the second part of the name.

As always, these are links to allow downloads. If the response is deleted the download link will cease to be valid.

Enhanced View Responses Browse

All Versions
Processing of responses (Deletions, Archiving, De-identification, Reversion to Draft) is now much easier with the Responses browse.

Each process, whether selecting items individually via the browse checkboxes or using filters and processing based on filters, will now show the number of records to be processed prior to processing.

Process Responses
You can then begin processing and have the ability to stop the process as it is being undertaken. The process will also detail the percentage of the process that is completed, allowing you to determine how long the process will take. Any responses processed prior to the Stop Process will have been processed and are not rolled back to their previous state. That means, as it always has been, that all deletions are final an cannot be reversed.
Process Responses

Respondent Export Changes

All Versions
You can now be much more selective with the data you export when choosing a Respondent's Export.

You now have the ability to optionally include only the information groups that you need along with the format of the column headings.
Export Respondents

Show Choice Values with Text in Designer

All Versions
When you are designing surveys, you will often be dealing with a large number of Choice based questions. For example, questions like Multiple Choice, Checkboxes (Choose Many) or Matrix, Single Range, Checkboxes (Choose Many) all allow values for the choice ranges.

With so many questions it can sometime be a challenge to coordinate those values so that similar questions all use the same range.

You can now toggle an option to show the Values (weighting) of the choice along with its Text when shown in the designer.

Simply click the toolbar Choice Values option to enable the feature for you currently viewed survey.
Show Choice Values
Normally choices will show with just their text or images
Show Choice Values
Toggling the option to show choice values, the choices will show as follows:
Show Choice Values
The values will only show during the designer process, do not show in previews and will not show for CATI surveys.

Enhanced Text Tools

All Versions
You can now use the text tool to short cut making ordered lists and unordered lists instead of typing the content tags. Simply select the text you want made into a list and choose the ordered list or unordered list text tool icon.

Once created you can edit type to change the style.
Content Tags

Quality Screen Out Termination Status

Enterprise Edition and Above
Many market researchers now require a Quality screen out status when terminating some responses. This allows you to track which responses you might terminate based on their poor engagement or other reasons.

This is different to screening out a participants because they did not meet the criteria of the survey. For example, they were not of a particular age range.

The Quality screen out status is selectable if you choose Screened Out on a terminate page.
Survey Quality Screen Out
The responses browse will visually distinguish quality screen outs from other screen outs. However, when filtering, all screen outs (quality or otherwise) will show when choosing screen outs.
Survey Quality Screen Out
Exports will include the quality status, if applicable, for quality screen outs.
Survey Quality Screen Out
The response statistics chart in overview, includes a column for quality, and the incidence rate does not include quality in its calculation.
Survey Quality Screen Out

Dates on Choices & Comments Report

All Versions
You can now include 2 merge symbols for the header, sub-header and Footer on the Choices & Comments Report.

Using the merge symbols of {ReportFromDate} and {ReportToDate} will allow you to include the reporting dates on the report.
Choice & Comments Report
As shown here:
Choice & Comments Report

Fixes and Enhancements 9.01

  1. [ENH] Brochure Site Languages (#633)
    Changes to brochure site to support multiple languages.
  2. [BUG] Right-To-Left languages and recall code and instruction pages in surveys (#776)
    Right-To-Left languages were not correctly displaying in the appropriate direction.
  3. [ENH] Save settings for Survey Filters, Quotas, Flows (#1102)
    When revisiting a Survey Quotas, Survey Filters or Survey Flows page, the previously used parameters will be maintained.
  4. [ENH] Show values on choices in designer (#1789)
    You can now show choice values next to the text while editing in the designer.
  5. [ENH] [CATI] Various CATI and MR reporting enhancements (#1957)
    Incidence Rate Calcs, Average Time and Response Counts Overview Table.
  6. [ENH] Allow upload of passwords for respondents (#1985)
    Respondent import can now include a PASSWORD column to import passwords for respondents.
  7. [ENH] [CATI] [WHITELABEL] Summary Format Time and Date (#2017)
    New display options for dates and times for WHITELABEL customers who use CATI.
  8. [ENH] Screen Out [Quality] Is now allowed as a termination status in addition to Complete, Quota Out and Screen Out (#2630)
    New terminate page options to categorise a screen out as a Quality Issue
  9. [ENH] [CATI] Allow de-duplicate of phone numbers on import (#2634)
    Ability to request that imported respondents can be ignored if their phone number is already used.
  10. [ENH] 2FA is now mandatory by only allowing a swap of 2FA methods (#2674)
    Two-Factor Authentication is now mandatory but you can switch between modes.
  11. [ENH] Scripting - Hide/Show Fade (#2688)
    Options to hide and show questions using fading via scripting.
  12. [BUG] Barcodes were not being properly recognised (#2691)
    Barcode identification was not correctly working. This as been corrected.
  13. [ENH] [CATI] Allow limited export of Respondent data (#2694)
    Choose the columns to be included in an export of respondents report. Assists CATI users with reporting requirements.
  14. [ENH] Changes to overdue credit card subscription (#2696)
    Overdue subscriptions can no longer continue to access the platform.
  15. [BUG] Language list on custom languages (#2699)
    Some languages required adjusted parameters to work correctly.
  16. [BUG] Copy survey with flow condition may not reconnect distribution flows (#2700)
    Copied surveys with flow conditions based on distributions, may have the affected flow conditions disabled. Logs will show the details of the issue. If distributions are not reconnected the flow condition is ignored.
  17. [BUG] Some Filters require tweak to query engine (#2702, #2704)
    Enhancements to speed up filter processing.
  18. [BUG] Delete a person from an organisation account (#2703)
    Changes to deletion of people from Organisation accounts.
  19. [BUG] Clear link not rendering on Matrix questions (#2705)
    The Clear Link (Reset Link) is now shown on Matrixes when requested.
  20. [ENH] Changes for responses browse and bulk processes (Delete, Archive, etc) (#2706, #2717)
    Significant changes to processing of activities in the responses browse.
  21. [ENH] Provide alternate download link for downloads (#2707)
    An alternate link is included to allow downloading with a custom name including the question and the recall code.
  22. [ENH] Increase length of log subject (#2708)
    Log subject has been increased to allow greater capacity.
  23. [ENH] Allow enter key to submit on 2FA Code (#2710)
    Enter key can now be used to login from entering a 2FA code.
  24. [BUG] Settings and re-load and defaults for reporting settings (#2711, #2713)
    Some settings were being wiped on reload of a report.
  25. [ENH] Filter creation and refresh changes (#2712)
    Filter creation has been enhanced to speed up filter processing.
  26. [BUG] Blocked accounts cannot send support queries (#2714)
    Accounts blocked due to credit card failure can continue to send support requests.
  27. [ENH] Export Language spreadsheet missing some distribution text (#2718)
    Not all available text was being exported in the translation spreadsheet.
  28. [BUG] Problem with translated navigation settings (#2719, #2720)
    Translating navigation settings was not rendering some information correctly nor proceeding correctly on save.
  29. [BUG] Problem with file upload and pre-fill selection due to changes file name issue with storage file name format (#2722)
    Names containing spaces and some symbols need to be stripped correctly for file storage. Some validations were not correctly interpreting the change.
  30. [BUG] Banner in print preview will not show in some circumstances (#2723)
    Requires changes due to the changed rendering of banner information now requiring distribution context.
  31. [BUG] [SPSS] SPSS export fails correctly as there is no data, but does not log correctly (#2724)
    The internal log is not being exposed to the survey log when there is a report error.
  32. [BUG] Ranking Questions and Hidden and Pegged (#2725)
    Assigning Hidden or Pegged via new question or with edit all choices and using directives in the text was not working.
  33. [ENH] Password encoding and error message changes (#2727, #2728)
    Internal changes to password encoding and clarification of error messages for password length and valid password characters.
  34. [BUG] Additional Parameters in Survey Distributions validation (#2729)
    Additional checks for some characters required.
  35. [ENH] Date range from and to dates displayed in Choices & Comments report heading, sub-heading or report footer (#2692)
    You can now use {ReportFromDate} or {ReportToDate} to show the date range in the Report Heading, Sub-Heading or Report Footer
  36. [BUG] Scripting and Reset question and text list and events (#2732)
    Some issues if you have a combination of text question and reset the question and have text lists
  37. [ENH] Enhanced Text Tool with Ordered List and Unordered List Helper (#2733)
    You can now use the text tool to short cut making ordered lists and unordered lists instead of typing the content tags
  38. [BUG] Drop Down Menu item toggling not maintaining some elements on refresh (#2738)
    Fixed menu inconsistency in some cases as drop down menu wasn't maintaining history correctly in all cases
  39. [ENH] Log person originator on delete respondents by filter (#2740)
    Ensure that the originator of the event is logged
  40. [BUG] Hide/Show Page Flow control on DropDown Multiple Choice Questions with Text Searching (#2741)
    Test events were not being propagated for text search and therefore hide/show flow was not being honoured
  41. [BUG] Instructions, Data Piping, Portal Creation, Quota Creation and Surveys with significant page count (#2745, #2746)
    Surveys with large page counts having issues with instructions and data piping, portal and quota creation as causes slowness on load

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