Market Research Web Survey Question Types

Market Research Surveys can be particularly complex, and require specific survey question capabilities.

Powerful questions that are still easy to set up

Market research survey questions need to look good and use a slick interface, but that doesn't mean they have to be hard to set up.

Flashy questions without using Flash

Flash is old technology that is dead on mobile devices - Adobe have announced this themselves. Fortunately it is no longer needed to produce engaging, "sexy" questions.

Image-based Choices
List of Question Types in Web Survey Creator
A complete list of all question types available in Web Survey Creator is shown below. Market Research Questions are all the questions that are only available to Market Research Accounts (the two right-most columns).
Standard Accounts MR
Text Question Single Line
Multi Line
Single Range, Text Grid
Choice Question Multiple Choice, Radio Buttons (Choose Only 1)
Multiple Choice, Checkboxes (Choose Many)
Multiple Choice, Drop Down List
Hierarchical List
* not available in Free & Student Accounts
Multiple Choice, Cloud (Choose Many)
Matrix Question Single Range, Radio Buttons (Choose Only 1)
Single Range, CheckBoxes (Choose Many)
Dual Range, Radio Buttons (Choose Only 1)
Dual Range, Checkboxes (Choose Many)
Number Question Numeric
Star Rating, 5 Stars
Range Slider
Constant Sum
Numeric Grid
Date Question Date/Time
Ranking Question Ranking
Ranking Choice Cloud
Ranking with Not Answered Options
Ranking Choice Cloud with Not Answered Options
Demographic Question Name
Survey Content Image
Simple Text
YouTube Video
Vimeo Video
Summary Question
Advanced Question Slider Grid
* not available in Free & Student Accounts
Card Sort
Card Sort (Mulitple Choice)
Rating Statements
Constant Sum - Breakdown Sliders
Constant Sum - Drag Drop Flags
Choice Modelling (Conjoint Analysis)
File Upload
Mapping Geolocation
Javascript Script
* also available in MR Premium
Other Terms and Conditions (Single Checkbox)
Text Verification